Nigeria has been the destination for Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle’s first tour after the separation from the Windsor family.  The couple, with the aim to support mental health for children that inhabit war zones, and to uphold the Invictus Games, association which assists wounded servicemembers and veterans, landed in the african state on the 10th of May. Local people welcomed them warmly as Afua Hagan, a royal commentator, reported in her interview:

“We just love them,” one of them said to me. Another told me how much they loved Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and they were so happy to see him carry on his mother’s good work. Someone else told me, “Meghan is one of us. I am so happy she came here.”

 The events took place in cities like Lagos and the capital of Abuja, and they included visits in schools promoted by the Archewell Foundation, one to the Nigerian Army Reference Hospital and a meeting with the women of the World Trade Organization. During the meeting she, known for her advocacy on gender equality, underlined the crucial role of female leadership and empowerment in driving positive change globally. Participants debated on the importance of mentorship for young girls and the career challenges faced by them on the territory. In the same occasion she called Nigeria “her country” and stated it was “humbling” to find out recently through genealogy test that she’s 43% Nigerian.

 “Oftentimes, when women reach the peak of success, they leave. But you need to come back home, you need to at least be a familiar face for the next generation to say, ‘Oh she looks like me, and I can be that’,” said Markle.

 The focus of a lot of commentators, however, went on the duchess’ wardrobe. Many criticised her for styling her trip like a royal tour, affirming she picked a few tricks from her time within the Palace. Others appreciated her swapping from her typical neutral dressing to bright colours so much they are giving online tips on “how to get Megan Markle’s Effortless Nigeria Style”. Furthermore, her outfits hid meanings, many in memory of Harry’s loved mother: on the first day she wore a necklace similar to the one Diana wore on her trip to Nigeria with King Charles, on the 11th she put one in occasion of a reception for military families in Abuja. On the last day the pair hinted to the next Netflix project, a show about professional polo players, by taking a trip to a polo field in Lagos and by watching a match between two teams, Duke vs. Duchess, as reported by People.

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